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 mixing equipment for making cosmetics - industrial mixers by ... - amixon

Mixer applications in cosmetic manufacturing. amixon® mixing machines are used wherever bulk dry ingredients are processed to create uniform blends. In cosmetic manufacturing, our mixing equipment is used to create the following products, among others: Make-up powders – blush, foundation, highlighter, bronzer, eye shadow, etc.

 industrial mixers for pvc | mixaco
Advantages of MIXACO PVC Mixers. Flexible mixing of PVC dry-blends with output from 450 to 8,500 kg / h. Process-optimized mixing tools for optimum energy input and homogeneous mixing. Vortex-improving designs of tools and vessels to ensure 100% homogeneity.

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 powder mixers for 5-10.000 l | mixaco - mixaco english
Mix 5 to 10,000 liters of powder without breakage, dust and heat. MIXACO powder mixers mix and process all types of powders – in small batches from 5 liters and up to capacities of 10,000 liters. Innovative and patented mixing techno­logies as well as extremely variable configu­rations of the mixing tools enable the optimum homoge­nization ...

 colorkit | color blending tool
Color Blender generates color scales by mixing the shades between two colors. Enter a start and end color, and choose the number of blend steps, to reveal the stepped gradient. How to copy the colors. The Export button in the top-right outputs the colors in the following formats: URL for sharing or retrieving your work later

 color mixer -
Color mixer or Color Blender is one of many browser tools available on the ColorDesigner website. It allows users to blend two or more colors in different quantities and see the color that the mixture will result in after blending as well as the proportions and colors used to create it.

 masterbatch – coperion
Split-feed process Color-matching process In the premix process all masterbatch raw material components are first mixed homogeneously in a mixer. Then, normally via a volumetric feeder, this mixture is fed into the twin screw extruder where it is processed. Advantages of Coperion extruders Excellent dispersion at high throughput rates

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