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 container washing systems | ibc, drum, pail and vessel washers - pri

Brush Vessel Washer GemiClean™ VW Spray Vessel Washer RotaJet™ PW IBC Reconditioning RotaJet™ IW-Series Multi Container Washer RotaJet™ D-Series Single Drum Washer RotaJet™ TL-DR-55 Why Container Washing Systems? Get consistent, fast, reliable container washing results. Plus, re-deploy labor to safer, more productive tasks.

 container washing machines — unikon — industrial washing machine
Hygienic design Low maintenance costs Compact construction Easy to use Fully customizable to your wishes and requirements, also customer-specific Long lifespan

 multipurpose industrial washers - nieros
Multipurpose Industrial Washers NIEROS® multipurpose washing machines are a convenient solution for any business with diverse items to be washed such as Euro stacking containers or plastic crates, Eurobins, Euro-pallets, IBC containers and others. Built as multipurpose appliances, they are available in tunnel or cabin version.

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 container washer machine | mimasa vat & bin washing machine
Vat & bin washing machine. We supply multiple solutions to wash and disinfect vats, bins, plastic containers, pallecons, bigbox, etc, rather in batch systems as in continuous lines, and for any production speed. Each model can be customized to adapt it to the production needs and the space available of each customer.

 industrial production containers washing machines
container washing machines — unikon — industrial washing machine Container Washing Machines If you strive for optimal hygiene during the production process, it is important that the containers you use are also clean. Only then can you guarantee hygiene throughout the entire process. A UNIKON container washer will help you with this.

 rotajet by pri™ | ibc, drum, & pail washing system | pri
RotaJet by PRI™ (Model D-40): pail washing system is designed for low flash point flammable solvent cleaning. Dirty containers are loaded into the machine, the door is closed, and cycle started. The cleaning process is fully automated, and the containers are washed, rinsed and dried, ready for production. high pressure spray cleaning.

 discover unikon industrial washing machines!
Then discover UNIKON industrial washing machines. For many years UNIKON have developed, built and sold washing machines for industrial applications worldwide. Companies just like yours only want one thing: high hygiene at low cost. Whatever kind of product you want to clean, such as pallets, crates, trolleys, forms, trays or any kind of utensil ...

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