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 washing systems for pallets - mohn gmbh

The standard basic design of pallet washing systems from Mohn consists of a completely double-walled, sound- and heat-insulated machine housing with a main wash zone and an integrated final rinsing zone, whereby this basic module can be supplemented by a prewash zone and a blower module for drying - depending on customer requirements.

 pallet washers - colussi ermes
The Colussi Ermes pallet and flatted washing systems have been designed to optimize production and guarantee efficiency, reaching exceptional performance levels in terms of the hygiene-sanitary profile. Flexible hourly washing capacity, from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 300 pallets/hour. Cabin operation with a single door or double “pass ...

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planning machines for pallets washing - planning machines for pallets washing planning industrial washing machines - tecnologie cominox For planning purposes, a front load washer will consume 2 gallons of water per pound of capacity per load, about half of which is hot. You can count on up to 1.5 cycles per hour if the ...

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 washing systems for containers/ boxes/pallets - mohn gmbh
Highline washing systems - without pre-wash zone. Depending on the model, our Highline box washing systems without pre-wash zone are designed for containers (Euronorm containers), especially for bakeries or as an industrial washing machine also for cleaning containers and pallets with a wider throughfeed dimension.

 pallet washer & pallet washing machines | heim - edt gmbh
Washing systems, such as pallet washing systems from the machine builder-manufacturer Heim – EDT GmbH, are the optimal solution for washing product-specific goods and can clean various categories like single-use, reusable, chemical, Euro pallets, and much more.

 vertical pallet washers by cretel
Our pallet washers are designed according our proven tunnel washer concept. Depending on the application we can offer a pallet washer with vertical or horizontal transfer. Modular design for maximum flexibility Easy loading and un-loading due to low access Capacities up to 200 pallets per hour Easily removable spraying nozzles

 a brief introduction to pallet washing & cleaning | prostack
Posted on December 9th, 2020 A Brief Introduction to Pallet Washing Pallets are used every day in warehousing, material handling and retail operations. Given the frequency with which they come into direct contact with your products, it’s worth thinking about how clean they are.

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