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 industrial washing machines | jensen-group

Holistic & Automated Our integrated solutions for laundry plants are highly automated and specifically designed to suit our customers' requirements. We adapt our industrial washing machines to your individual needs and challenges, fulfilling the specific requirements of your laundry plant.

 the must-read commercial laundry planning guide | jla
Layout The laundry room should have a ‘soiled/in’ door and a ‘clean/out’ door. Regardless of dimensions, the room should be designed with 1/3 of the space available for the ‘wet’ side and 2/3 for the ‘dry’ side – each with sorting and storage area.

 macchinari lavanderia industriale prezzi - macchine per lavanderia ...
With our industrial washing machine, we take care of all garments, even the most delicate ones, taking care of the planet at the same time, through energy efficient systems. We design industrial laundry equipment bearing in mind five concepts that define our machinery: versatility, robustness, energy efficiency, connectivity, and performance.

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 commercial washing machines and laundry systems from germany
Commercial industrial washing machines/ laundry systems technology from Germany. Durable, energy efficient & individual. Check Now! Skip to content +49 7031 ... from designing and planning a laundry or its equipment through to maintenance with a broad range of accessories – worldwide. We are proud of every single project we realise – no ...

 how to set up your industrial laundry equipment - jla
Setting up an industrial washing machine room is no easy task. Thankfully, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about industrial washing machine room s, including the sectors they’re most applicable to, the types of industrial washing machine you need to install, and where the room should be located.

 b&c technologies commercial laundry planning guide
More tallow soap is required for washing in hard water than in soft water. A water softener may be required if grains/gallon of hardness exceed 3. Water Hardness definitions: Grains/Gallon Parts/Million Description less than 1.0 less than 17.1 soft 1.0 to 3.5 17.2 to 60 slightly hard 3.6 to 7.0 61 to 120 moderately hard 7.1 to 10.5 121 to 180 hard

 industrial laundry washing machines - stahl wäschereimaschinen gmbh
German production Made in Germany STAHL Industrial washers are manufactured exclusively at our factory in Sindelfingen. Made in Germany with a production depth of more than 90%, our name stands for the highest quality – down to the smallest part in your machine. Durable Long life Services

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