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 continuous washing - erbatech gmbh - textile machinery

The famous rope washing machine DELPHIN, known for its washing power and compact design, is available with a revised design that comprises; Better and more intuitive process control with large touch panel interface, Fully automatic fabric and load control, Update chemical dosing with recipe manager. DELPHIN can also be combined with SCOUT open ...

 dyeing & finishing technology update | textile world
Dyeing & Finishing Technology Update. September 30, 2020. Imogo AB’s Dye-Max machine uses spray cassettes to dye fabrics using an extremely low liquor ratio. The dyeing and finishing industry continues to make strides in developing technologies that make the processes more environmentally friendly and sustainable. TW Special Report.

 the dyeing process in textile: a comprehensive guide #1
Tie-dye is a process that involves binding, folding, twisting, or crumpling cloth or yarns before dyeing them to create a distinctive, colorful design. Cotton and silk materials are frequently utilized for this approach. Pre-treatment, dyeing, and post-treatment are all common processes in the dyeing process.

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 printing dyes, auxiliaries & technology - textile learner
Typical Printing Process | Printing Dyes, Auxiliaries & Technology. Sohel Hossain. B.Sc in Textile Engineering. The People’s University of Bangladesh. Email: Printing process: Printing, like dyeing, is a process for applying color to a substrate. However, instead of coloring the whole substrate (cloth, carpet or yarn) as ...

 sustainable dyeing & finishing innovations | textile world
The machine features a smart fabric transport system to ensure even dyeing; a heat exchanger to quickly and efficiently heat the dye liquor; and optimized chemical, dyestuff and salt dosing to reduce waste and optimize results. The Smartflow TSF has a low liquor ratio of 1:2.5 with a full load of man-made fiber fabrics.

 application of automation in dyeing industry - textile blog
One of the most important areas for automation is the dyeing and printing process, as it involves many complex parameters that are very important. If even a small amount of milligram is wrong in the dyeing recipe, the shade of the fabric will change. Different parameters like temperature, pressure, mixing time etc. are very important for dyeing.

 deciphering textile dyeing and finishing processes: keys to ... - dabedan
Finishes can be grouped into 4 categories: 1- Mechanical Finishes. 2- Chemical Finishes. 3- Printing. 4- Dyeing. 1- MECHANICAL FINISHES. Mechanical finishing techniques bring about changes in the physical characteristics of fabrics (e.g., texture, density, hardness, width, etc.).

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