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 vehicle cleaning systems | kärcher international

Vehicle cleaning systems Our highly efficient system solutions for the economical interior and exterior cleaning of cars and commercial vehicles deliver reliable and high-performance cleaning results.

 manufacturer for washing systems | christ wash systems
Carwash - Discover the washing systems of CHRIST WASH SYSTEMS starting with gantry washing systems for filling stations with little space requirement up to the car washes with high washing volume. If you are interested in purchasing a self-service carwash system, a commercial vehicle washing system or a train washing system, then you will find the right selection of washing systems here as well.

 parts cleaning in car workshops | kärcher international
Sales Guide Parts cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner High-pressure cleaners are especially suitable for cleaning vehicle and engine parts such as cylinder heads, gearboxes, axles and wheels. They are always a good option if a wash bay has already been set up and all water management and construction permits have been obtained for its operation.

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 carwash systems, car wash technology by washtec
The company WashTec is a world market and innovation leader in car wash technology. WashTec supplies car washes that cater to every need and requirement, from gantry car washes to conveyor tunnel systems and self-service car washes through to commercial vehicle washing systems such as truck washes. WashTec was founded in 2000 as a result of the ...

 home - auto car wash machine
About Us. HeyCar is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of fully automatic car washing machine equipment. The main car washing machines mainly include: fully automatic gantry car washing machines, reciprocating car washing machines, and non-contact car washing machines.

 automatic car wash machines 2023
In a Trolley Car Washing Machine, most of the concentrate tanks are on the machine itself, while in a Conveyor Car Wash Machine, all the dosing pumps and their concentrates are in the Equipment Room. In places where the temperature goes sub-zero, even the chemical drums will have to placed inside to avoid them from freezing, but for most places in , the chemicals can be placed outside.

 vehicle washing systems | tammer uk ltd
01695 727 994. Tammer UK Ltd is a specialist vehicle cleaning equipment company in the UK. We specialise in Jet Wash,Truck Wash, Vehicle Wash,Car Wash Chemicals and Car Wash Products. Contact our expert team today for more information.

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