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 products - colussi ermes

The automatic systems for washing and sanitizing dairy rack and dairy frames , designed specifically to optimize production processes and ensure low operating costs. Exceptionally effective, these systems produced by Colussi Ermes meet the highest hygiene/sanitary standards, according to rigid HACCP protocols and are tailor-made based on the customer’s requirements.

 crate washers - colussi ermes
Crate washers. Automatic and highly versatile systems for washing and sanitizing crates and baskets, suitable for all sectors of production and ensuring impeccable washing for any type of crate. The production range includes cabin or tunnel systems for washing crates, with the possibility of selecting various options: one , two or three tracks ...

 container washing systems | ibc, drum, pail and vessel washers - pri
Completely integrates with PRI solvent recycling systems. Container Cleaning Systems can be designed to fit perfectly within your operation, with integrations into your water treatment system, production assembly line, paint filling line, or solvent recovery system. Our container washing systems are often incorporated into complete turn-key ...

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 industrial washing systems for the meat sector - colussi ermes
Meat truck washers. Automatic and highly versatile systems for washing and sanitizing meat trucks of different types and sizes, with a washing capacity of 15 to 200 trucks/hour. Colussi Ermes produces truck and vat washing systems which comply with the most stringent hygiene/sanitary standards, tailor-made to the customer’s requirements.

 fruit & vegetable processing equipment | vanmark
Vanmark’s best-in-class equipment is built for the things produce processors care about: Higher Volume. Automating production increases capacity – allowing you to process more product and get additional orders. Improved Sanitation. Our complete stainless steel design and mostly tool-less changeouts make sanitation easy and reduce downtime.

 ibc systems for the pharma industry - gea
An extensive selection of washing systems has been created to suit the diverse needs of the market — and to minimize production downtime — ranging from simple internal wash systems to fully automatic washing, drying and cooling booths. ... Depending on the products, processes and production demands, ...

 everything you need to know about industrial laundry systems
Industrial laundry systems are used for large-scale washing operations such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, and prisons. Commercial-grade laundry equipment is designed to handle large amounts of clothing, linens, and other fabrics. Industrial laundry systems can be fully automated, semi-automated, or manually operated.

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