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 products - colussi ermes

Bin and vat washers. Automatic, highly versatile systems for washing: bins and vats, covers, trucks and pallets; suitable for all sectors of the market, including the apple industry. Colussi Ermes produces bin and vat washing systems which comply with the most stringent hygiene/sanitary standards, tailor-made to the customer’s requirements.

 search results for 'washing machines alimentary field':
washing machines alimentary field; alimentary washing machines; macchina industriale lavaggio barili; máquinas lavado sector textil; filtro sottovuoto per colori; washing machines for textile printing and dying firms; production automatic washing systems; Last Search Plugin 2.03.

 food processing: machines – kronen | kronen gmbh
KRONEN is the leader when it comes to machines for industrial applications. With more than 40 years of food industry expertise, we achieve hygienic, safe, sustainable and efficient processing of fresh foods. We also offer solutions for processing meat, sausage and fish, vegan products, baked goods and pet food.

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 macchina lavaggio mastelli - tecnologie cominox
produzione industriale macchina lavaggio gamelle - tecnologie cominox produzione industriale macchina lavaggio gamelle - tecnologie cominox La macchina Calagam è fornita in due versioni: Calagam A, automatica per gamelle e secchi da 0,45 a 15 litri; Calagam B, per mastelli e secchi senza orecchie o manici da 15 a 120 litri. impianti di lavaggio industriale - meg - produzione Produzione.

 produttore macchina per lavaggio cisterne - tecnologie cominox
produttore macchina per lavaggio cisterne Risultati per 'produttore macchina per lavaggio cisterne': Di seguito l'elenco dei risultati di ricerca trovati rilevanti per la keyword 'produttore macchina per lavaggio cisterne': Risultati maggiormente rilevanti: lava cisternette - colussi ermes

 the company everest s.r.l. | everest srl
Everest S.r.l. is a company that produces alimentary machines in the food and service industry, founded in 1959. Our knowledge of the products and needs of the customers allows us to offers always the best solutions. Today we collaborates with the greatest reality of the food service sector, never forgetting from where we started.

 elizabeth europe | your global source for world class tooling
Tue, 01/30/2024 - 10:16. Following restructuring and a change of management at the beginning of 2023, Elizabeth Europe becomes EPMO. The company is back with its historic name, recognized both in France and internationally, and is making a change that signals new ambitions following its emergence from a safeguard plan on June 30, 2023.

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