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 industrial washing systems and washing equipment |

Washing machines for food industry Cleaning machines for crates, pallets, sheets, forms, carts, trays, barrels and otherpackaging used in food processing plants. More information NONFOOD Continuous conveyor washing machines for parts cleaning

 container washing systems | ibc, drum, pail and vessel washers - pri
Container Washing Productivity by Container Type We offer container washing systems to clean a variety of different types of containers, from pail washing systems, drum washing systems, IBC washing systems, and mixing vessel washing systems.

 barrel washer and drum washer | mafo - mafo industrial washing
Washing of Drums and Barrels Drums and barrels thoroughly cleaned to prevent dangerous situations. That is what MAFO can help you with. Our cleaners are specially designed for this purpose, where hygiene is paramount. Get in touch now All shapes and sizes

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 washing waste containers and waste bins - mafo industrial washing
Washing waste containers and waste bins If you strive for optimal hygiene during the production process, it is important that the containers and bins you use are spotless. Only then are you assured of hygiene throughout the process. Get in touch now Full customization

 container washing machine - perfect to clean barrels and buckets
The Industrial Container Washer can clean clean 9 buckets of 5 gallons each (23 liters) or 9 ¼ bbl barrels (40 liters) at a time. Introducing the Barrel Washing Machine, meticulously designed to effectively clean large containers and barrels.

 crate washer 155m cleaning system | mafo - mafo industrial washing
The MAFO 155M is very suitable as an entry-level model for companies switching from manual to machine production. This crate washer guarantees quality. Sufficient capacity This machine can wash between 100 and 120 crates per hour. A good basis to start with and to relieve you of manual cleaning. Sustainable water management

 crate washer 340m cleaning system | mafo - mafo industrial washing
Compact modular crate washing machine that can compensate for drag and evaporation losses and is easy to use. Get in touch now High efficiency With the MAFO 230M, you choose for high efficiency when washing larger numbers of crates. It can wash between 150 and 400 crates per hour. Thorough cleaning

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