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 milk cooling tank with automatic washing.

The washing system is automatic in larger capacity tanks from 2000 litres controlled by FIPO 1 milk controller with the following characteristics: low water and detergent consumption, efficient washing system, dosing pump, washing water volume control system with highly effective rotating spray balls developed in-house and automatic selection of the detergent and acid.

 industrial machines for washing ... - tecnologie cominox
Milk Tank Washing Machine. The whole line is fully automatic and it has characteristics of high efficiency, low noise and easy operation. it adopts hot water washing to get good quality.After finished, these clean flakes could be produced as fibre , straps and so on.

 milk truck tank washing machine,milk tank truck ... - youtube
Milk Truck Tank Washing Machine,Milk Tank Truck Cleaning System,Milk Truck Supplier,Milk Tank SUS304Experienced Technical Support,Best Machine Quality,Cheap ...

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 dairy - della toffola
A Della Toffola Group consociate since 2011, Priamo Food Technologies manufactures dairy processing equipment and machinery (also in turnkey formula) for the processing of mature and fresh cheeses, yoghurt, and other milk products.

 milk pasteurizer tank 1000 liters with burner
Inox milk cooling tanks; Automatic washing machines for moulds. Automatic washing machines for feta moulds; Automatic washing machines for manouri moulds; Milk transfer tanks. Milk transfer tank 6000 liters; Milk transfer tank 12000 liters; Milk transfer tank 9500 liters; Milk metering system; Dairy machines. Milk pasteurizer; Inox tank for yogurt

 milking machine wash routines -
Milk-stone removal Descale (acid) wash should be carried out weekly to both machine and bulk milk tank to remove mineral deposits from water High ‘water hardness’ levels will effect the cleaning ability of detergents and allow the build up of Bio-films on stainless steel surfaces which will accommodate the growth of thermoduric bacteria

 cleaning and sanitizing milking equipment - the dairy site
Tanks are cleaned by using essentially the same procedures as recommended for milking equipment. The milk hauler is normally responsible for rinsing the tank immediately after the milk is removed. Rinse water temperature should be 90-120°F. Following this, the tank must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized.

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