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 machines for pasteurization and sterilization - cft group

Production variables and alarms storing on local PC, export to factory ERP, production reports on product sterility assurance upon requests. Each of our machines for sterilization and pasteurization have special features designed to better perform with specific products.

 production machines for sterilization
Terminal sterilization Pre-production sterilization Laboratory and R&D Quality Control (QC) applications Biohazard waste sterilization. 3 Pharmaceutical Autoclaves for Pharmaceutical Production Pharma Line ... support to our clients during the installation and validation of our machines at their facility.

 machines for pasteurization and sterilization | ing.a.rossi
PASTEURIZATION TO INCREASE STORAGE TIMES. Once the production chain is completed, the elements responsible for product degradation must be inhibited in order to save the product preservation. Ing. A. Rossi uses a tubular pasteurizer with which the product to be packaged is brought to the pasteurization temperature. This type of processing is suitable for concentrated, semi-concentrated, fruit ...

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 microwave sterilization equipment - no loss of moisture ...
Microwave sterilization equipment is used for sterilization of food, medicine, chemical products and other microwave equipment. Compared with the traditional mechanical equipment, the biggest highlight of Microwave sterilization equipment is the high productivity of the machine, which does not need to be controlled by professionals, and the whole sterilization process is completed automatically.

 top 10 companies in sterilization equipment market
The outbreak of COVID-19 has increased the focus on developing vaccine production across developing countries across Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. Thus, to have proper sterilization during vaccine production, there is a growing demand for sterilization products.Sterilization is one ...

 machines for rice cooking and sterilization - cft group
They recently choose CFT Group for the design and installation of machines for rice cooking and sterilization. De Lucia mainly bases its production on dried fruit processing and Fifth Range products, which are steamed and vacuum-packed vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, sweetcorn, French beans, fennel and artichokes.

 development of a sterilizing in-place application ... - pubmed
Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) technology was adapted for a production machine consisting of highly sensitive pressure sensors and thermo-labile air tube systems. This new kind of "cold" surface sterilization, known from the Barrier Isolator Technology, is based on the controlled release of hydrogen peroxide vapour into sealed enclosures.

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