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 what are regenerative food systems? | the nature conservancy

Regenerative Food: A Win-Win Cycle Secures the global food supply Global food demand is set to increase by 50% by 2050 Builds a better economy One third of the world’s population obtains its livelihood from agriculture, and food production accounts for nearly 10% of the global economy. Increases biodiversity

 circular economy principles: regenerate nature - ellen macarthur foundation
By producing our food regeneratively, the focus is on improving soil health. Regenerative farming practises can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food production by reducing reliance on synthetic inputs and by building healthy soils that absorb rather than release carbon.

 principles for a sustainable circular economy - sciencedirect
Combining R-ladders and whole system approaches: Kirchherr et al. (2017) argue that the product-centred “R-ladders” – such as reduce, reuse, recycle or indeed the longer 10-R variant (see Reike et al., 2018) – are increasingly replaced or contextualised by the growing appearance of the principle of “whole system approaches” in the recognition of required system level changes.

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 sustainability and resilience for transformation in the urban century
Even long before the concepts of the Anthropocene and the urban century made it to the top of the agenda, cities employed the concepts of ‘urban sustainability’, ‘urban resilience’ and ...

 the sustainability of “local” food: a review for policy-makers
In the political discussion, the promotion of local food systems and short supply chains is sometimes presented as a means to increase the resilience of the food system, e.g. in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is also suggested as a means to improve the environmental footprint of the food system.

 land | free full-text | a comprehensive review of urban regeneration ...
Abstract Urban regeneration governance (URG) has become a popular issue in academia, politics and civil society because it has a significant influence on the success of urban regeneration activities. However, a comprehensive review on URG has yet to be produced, which hinders providing references to developing appropriate governance arrangements.

 urban sustainability in europe – opportunities for challenging times ...
Key opportunities for a green and just recovery are found in the following sectors: rethinking urban mobility and land use; retrofitting the urban building stock; enhancing the role of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions; and transforming urban food systems and the circular economy.

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