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 various - tecnologie cominox - macchine lavaggio acciaio
Booth for the control/exhaustion of the dye-print works’ powder. Click to enlarge. Description: The machine is made in stainless steal AISI 304. Main advantages are: Booth flux rolling descent and rolling horizontal at man height. Surface plate balance in no-pressure.

 dyes for dyeing cotton, rayon, hemp, linen, bamboo, tencel ...
Pros: Best dye for cotton, rayons, linens, hemp and other plant based fibers. Best dye deep tub and garment dye colors. Darkest blacks on cellulose fibers. Vibrant wash fast permanent colors. Easy to use. Needs hot water. Cons: With silks and wools, colors are still vibrant, but can shift and are not as permanent. Need to use with the proper ...

 how to use rit dyemore for synthetic fibers — rit dye
With so many diverse synthetic fabric iterations on the market, we thought it was high time to offer a dye capable of taking those very fabrics to the next level. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Rit DyeMore, a dye specially made for synthetic fabrics like polyester, polyester cotton blends, acrylic, and acetate. And like our All-Purpose formula, DyeMore is non-toxic and perfect for use ...

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 how to dye natural fabrics - rit dye
If using powder dye, dissolve thoroughly in of very hot water. Pour dissolved powder dye or well-shaken liquid dye into dyebath and mix well. Test color by dipping a paper towel into the dyebath. If color is too light, add more dye. If color is too dark, add more water. Wet the item you are going to be dyeing and add it to the dyebath.

 how can i get the thread to dye, too?
While cotton thread gives excellent results, silk thread would seem to be better because silk can be dyed with both cotton dyes and with acid dyes, unlike any other fiber. Sometimes, however, people find the same problem as with polyester thread - the silk thread simply does not take the dye.

 the best fabric dye for every fabric type: buyer's guide ...
The best fabric dye is always going to depend on the fiber your fabric is made of. Find out what fabrics dyes you should be using on the variety of fabrics you may be wanting to dye. Don't waste your time and money using the improper dye type, our guide will walk you through everything.

 making internal and external threads (using taps and dies ...
Holding the level and square to the material turn the tap wrench until the first cut into the material has been made. Once a grip on the material has been made turn half a turn into the material and then a quarter turn back this will ensure that the tap doesn’t get clogged with the offcuts of material and a better thread is created.

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