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 booth for the control/exhaustion of the dye-print works’ powder

Surface plate balance in no-pressure. The powder falls in a humid under-vat ("lake") The flux rolling descend and rolling horizontal , after that they lap the humid "lake" they pass in a filter of easy maintenance . Exhaust fan centrifuge completely isolate from the booth and outlet air with further filter of easy maintenance.

 (pdf) effect of reactive dye mixtures on exhaustion values - researchgate
Abstract and Figures. The effect of dyes mixtures for the dyeing of textile fabrics on an exhaustion rate has been studied. The exhaustion rate of 3 reactive dyes (Yellow Bezactiv S3R, Red ...

 disperse dyes: properties, classification, dyeing & printing method
It assists in the process of particle size reduction of dye. It enables the dye to be formed in powder form. It facilitates the recon version of the powder into a dispersion which is required for dyeing. It maintains the dispersion in a fine form in the dye bath through out the process. It increases the solubility of disperse dyes in water.

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 mechanism of dye fixation processes in fabric - blogger
Printed dyes are usually fixed by steaming processes, the steam providing the moisture and rapid heating that brings about the transfer of dye molecules from the thickener film to the fibre within a reasonable time. Historically, the process of developing printed mordants was known as ‘ageing’ and took a long time, as the term implies.

 database on flexibilities in the intellectual property system - wipo
The database allows searches for implementation of flexibilities in national IP laws in selected jurisdictions. The references to laws were accurate at the date of publication of the above-mentioned documents. However, users are advised to cross-check laws in WIPO Lex to ensure that the most up-to-date version of the law is referenced.

 ph control in the dyeing of polyamide | textile world
dyeing process.Systematic OptimizationThere are two established methods of dyeing polyamide with acid and metal-complex dyes: the constant-pH process and the pH-sliding process. While the constant-pH process ensures that the dye exhausts onto the substrate by raising the temperature,

 dyeing process - an overview | sciencedirect topics
The principles of a dyebath monitoring technology that allow the analysis and control of the dyeing process are introduced. This measurement technology can aid in troubleshooting root causes in shade reproducibility that can occur from variability in dye strength, the fabric or the dyeing process. View chapter Purchase book

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