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 booth for the control/exhaustion of the dye-print works’ powder

Surface plate balance in no-pressure. The powder falls in a humid under-vat ("lake") The flux rolling descend and rolling horizontal , after that they lap the humid "lake" they pass in a filter of easy maintenance . Exhaust fan centrifuge completely isolate from the booth and outlet air with further filter of easy maintenance.

 real-time dyebath monitoring of reactive dyeing on cationized cotton ...
The rate of exhaustion of a dyeing process is critical in ensuring a level dyeing. Typically, a dyer uses a rule of thumb of a maximum 2% exhaustion/minute in order to obtain a level dyeing. In this part of the study, all monitorings were started at 37 °C.

 principles of control in dyeing processes - sciencedirect
The controlled exhaustion profiles can then be analysed in the context of results from set profiles. The desired rate of exhaustion can be calculated based on a change in the set temperature. This method uses a control system known as a feed-forward algorithm.

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 textile - dyeing and printing
Dyeing and printing are processes employed in the conversion of raw textile fibres into finished goods that add much to the appearance of textile fabrics. Dyeing Most forms of textile materials can be dyed at almost any stage.

 modelling, simulation and control of the dyeing process
The principles of a dyebath monitoring technology that allow the analysis and control of the dyeing process are introduced. This measurement technology can aid in troubleshooting root causes in shade reproducibility that can occur from variability in dye strength, the fabric or the dyeing process. Select Index Book chapter Full text access Index

 dye, ink-jet | springerlink
A comprehensive survey in 2008 (Zhang) revealed the preference of dye-based prints in the key performance areas of color gamut, image resolution, and image contrast. Although dye-based inkjet prints were also perceived to be superior to pigment-based inkjet prints, regarding skin tone representation, they were perceived to be inferior to conventional silver halide prints [ 19 ].

 disperse dye - an overview | sciencedirect topics
Disperse dyes are usually sold as powders, which are prepared by milling the press cake with an equal weight of a suitable auxiliary product and a little water, drying, and then mixing with diluents to give a product containing 15–40% dye.

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