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 home - tonello
Since 1981 we have been manufacturing machines and technologies for garment finishing. From washing to dyeing machines, accessories, lasers special projects – such as Wake, All-in-One, OBleach and many others – our ever-growing and unique range of garment finishing technologies tells the story of who we are: restless explorers, creatives ...

 nexia italy - washing and dyeing systems for garment finishing
The synergy between Nexia, one of the leading companies in the production of industrial machines for the washing and dyeing of garments and textiles, and Archroma, a global leader in sustainable specialty chemicals, aims to reach high level objectives never before reached within the entire dyeing process.. The collaboration between Nexia’s ND 17 “Nitrogen machine” that works under ...

 home | pluvia textile pretreatment washing & finishing machinery
Home | PLUVIA Textile Pretreatment Washing & Finishing Machinery Circum Dye reduces water, steam, and chemical consumptions by 60%, and increases dyeing capacity by 30% DISCOVER Circum Print is the least water and energy consuming washing machine with highest production capacity so far. DISCOVER

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 textile machines - dewelli - çağrı makina
DEWELLI is the choice of world brands with high technology and quality in textile machinery. With the DEWELLI brand, Çağrı Makina produces textile washing and grinding machines, drying machines, wringing machines, ozone generator and drum, dyeing and bleaching machines and dry process machines used in the denim sector. Discover Our Machines.

 wet finishing - menzel maschinenbau
Mercerizing Dyeing Washing Machines A clean business. One of the first steps in textile finishing is washing or desizing the raw material. On Menzel washing systems, fiber preparations or sizing agents - indispensable for the process of weaving, knitting or warp knitting - are washed out of the textile.

 biancalani | your textile machinery
Biancalani Textile Machinery designs and develops quality solutions for fabric preparation and finishing, manufacturing 100% made in Italy machinery for the worldwide textile processing industry. ... Combined washing and milling machine for woollen fabric with independent modules. Discover More. MILLA.

 aquaria - biancalani textile machinery | biancalani
At Biancalani we do a lot more for you than just building machines. We listen to your advice and desires and make it easy for you to reach your goals offering you our past as a present: we strive to be part of your future. Biancalani AQUARIA® is the continuous wide washing machine for preparing, washing and enzymatically washing any fabric ...

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