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 production planning in manufacturing: best practices for production plans
Production planning is the process of deciding how a product or service will be manufactured before the manufacturing process begins. In other words, it is how you plan to manage your supply chain, raw materials, employees and the physical space where the manufacturing process takes place.

 optimizing production in the age of the machine | mckinsey
Circular thinking aims to use the same principles to dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of the resources used in human-made systems. Its aim is to use fewer resources and eradicate waste, throughout the entire extended life cycle of a production system (Exhibit 4). Exhibit 4. McKinsey_Website_Accessibility@mckinsey.com.

 production management | industrial engineering, quality control ...
production management, also called operations management, planning and control of industrial processes to ensure that they move smoothly at the required level.Techniques of production management are employed in service as well as in manufacturing industries. It is a responsibility similar in level and scope to other specialties such as marketing or human resource and financial management.

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 production & plant optimization | siemens software
Production Planning & Scheduling. Production planning and scheduling solution for industrial machinery provides a suite of tools that helps planners, from owner-operators to equipment OEM’s to work together to optimize production processes within the digital enterprise to increase efficiency, flexibility and time-to-market. Explore

 joint optimization of capacity, production and maintenance planning of ...
This paper deals with capacity design, production and preventive maintenance planning of a production system made of parallel leased machines. The production system must satisfy a random demand over a finite number of periods. The number of machines to be leased, the quantity to produce by each one and customer demand are variable.

 integrated production planning and preventive maintenance scheduling ...
To build the integrated production planning and preventive maintenance model, the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) method is firstly used to estimate the parameters of the failure intensities of machines according to the recorded machine failure data [51], and to estimate the parameters of the distribution of the minimal repair time according to the historical repair data [51].

 joint optimization of production scheduling and group preventive ...
1 Introduction Globally, manufacturing industries are facing intense competition for improving their performance in terms of continuous production, improved quality, low cost and fast delivery of goods, which has forced the production and delivery processes to be highly reliable.

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