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 comec italia
Comec Italia provides your company not only pad printing machines, but everything you need for pad printing: auxiliary devices and accessories such as ovens and pre-treatment, as well as consumables: inks, pads, plates, already engraved cliché. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and discover the videos and tutorials of our pad printing machines ...

 screen washing - flexo wash
PK 92 Rotary Screen Washer. The Flexo Wash PK 92 Rotary Screen Washer is used for the cleaning of rotary screen cylinders from printing machines using UV-drying screen inks. The screens are placed on rotating holders and the specially designed jets on both sides of the screen ensure a thorough cleaning. The holder on the PK 92-1 is equipped ...

 fabric printing machines | reggiani textile inkjet solutions | efi
EFI Reggiani develops ‘Green processes’ in order to reduce consumption and minimize environmental impact. New approach that combine quality and production efficiency with environment respect. In 2010 EFI Reggiani undertook a certification process as commitment to customers in order to offer eco-sustainable processes guaranteed by “Green ...

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 typical printing process | printing dyes, auxiliaries & technology
Printing process: Printing, like dyeing, is a process for applying color to a substrate. However, instead of coloring the whole substrate (cloth, carpet or yarn) as in dyeing, print color is applied only to defined areas to obtain the desired pattern.

 digital & rotary printing coming closer on aspects of costing, capacity ...
Keenmark Inc., the local distributor of MHMS Rotary Screen Printing Machine ERA 12, threw light on many interesting features of the machine like, Printhead operation, where sequence controlled handling prevents faulty operation, tool – free printing width/screen length adjustment, which is done within a second, auto-setup of screens for execution of correctly matched prints, etc.

 rotary screen making techniques - textile learner
1. What Is Rotary Screen Printing? The rotary screen is a screen in a cylindrical form. The color/printing paste is applied from inside while the rotary screen is revolving. [1] The pressure of the screen and the central cylinder allows the paste to transfer onto the fabric.

 when to use rotary screen printing and when to choose ... - texintel
Run lengths One of the most important factors determining the choice between rotary screen printing and digital textile printing are the run lengths. Simply put, the amount of meters you have to print determines which of the two printing technologies gives the lowest total cost per meter.

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