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Washing vat CIC-CIAK




  • The machine is composed by a vat in stainless steel AISI 304, at compartments with trapezoidal section and with rounded skid for the sliding of the fabrics flaps.

    Holed part of the bottom for the dirt evacuation.

  • The water feeding is in each compartment separately with spraying nozzles.

  • Overflows adjust the max. level.

    The reel has a square shape and it makes the pieces in rope  turn through an escort free roll and a movable teeth comb adjustable for 4/5 ropes per compartment; on the comb there is a device of motor stop when some fabrics knots are present.

  • The control is given by a geared motor with inverter to vary the speed.



N° scomparti

Nr. Compartments




Fronte (ogni scomparto mm. 750)

Front (mm. 750/each compartment) 

3000 mm

4500 mm

6000 mm

Lunghezza totale, motore incluso

Total length, motor included         

3560 mm

5100 mm

6600 mm

Profondità lisaggio

Depth of control

1570 mm

1570 mm

1570 mm

Altezza bordo 

Border height

1000 mm

1000 mm

1000 mm

N° corde per scomparto

N° ropes per compartment

N° 4/5

N° 4/5

N° 4/5

Volume ogni scomparto di troppo pieno

Volume of each compartment of overflowlt