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Squeegees washing machine POLIROT




Our POLIROT machine is based on high pressure water technology, the machine exploitation the kinetic energy generated by the impact of the water on a limited area.

The POLIROT machine works "JUST IN TIME", in other words entrusting the squeegee to the Polirot and returning it clean immediately.

This is made possible by the manipulator which transfer the squeegee from the dirty store to the washing cabin and then to the clean store, with an automatic cycle which permits each squeegee to be washed separately in a discontinuous sequential fashion.

The POLIROT can be completed with a water recovery system which permits a reduction in water consumption of more than fifty per cent.

The main advantages are: instant positioning of the squeegee to be washed cutting out waste of time, shortened cleaning and drying times, high-quality of the difficult to reach cleaning of the squeegee sides, choice of cleaning programmes: normal or intensive, compact and non-bulky design that can be fitted along the printing machine, designed for reduced rate of water flow.

The machine is equipped of a PLC programmer controller with relative software of operation; the CPU has a peripheral door that allows to connect an other device of programming and of a serial door RS232-C for one consul of access-visualization to the job data and diagnostic-alarms.