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Printing squeegees and screens washing machine for open holders rotary machine MONOLAB



The solution for washing the squeegees and screens for open holders rotary machines is the MONOLAB.

With this machine you can extract the squeegee and the relative screen from the rotary machine, by fixing one end of the squeegee, extracting the screen, inserting it into the washing station and then start the washing of the squeegee and screen simultaneously without any further handling. In the meanwhile, the Monolab is ready to receive the next squeegee and screen.

The washing operations are discontinuous and sequential, with no down-times and no unnecessary manipulations thus considerably reducing the change of variations on the rotary machines.

A recovery system allows you to reduce consumption of clean water by more than fifty per cent.

The machine is equipped of a PLC programmer controller with relative software of operation; the CPU has a peripheral door that allows to connect an other device of programming.