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System barrel washing LB 225/30



One of the peculiar characteristics of the washing of a surface is that one to transform to the maximum the kinetic force of the water in pressure in an impact force (or collision) Kg/cm2 in an only jet on the surface

Advantages only nozzle:

  • high Force of impact;
  • Macro hole, avoids cloggings.

Management of an only nozzle for every face of the "barrel" to imitate the human wrist of the operator.

Our "nozzle-wrist" has N° 4 degrees of freedom (deposited model).

The internal washing is executed with one head of washing with spherical shape (without shelves), motorized to high pressure (H.P.) Bar 170.

The external washing is executed with N° 4 "nozzle-wrist" to high pressure (H.P.) Bar 170


Budgetary cycle:

Time cycle sec. 360

Water consumption for barrel lt. 40

Productivity in h 1 No. 30


Composition of the line flexible and modular, composition and configuration for the movement and productivity of the barrels in automatic.


Entry element.

Washing element:

  • Automatic management of the centring of the hole Ø 2" for the internal washing.
  • Management of N° 4 "nozzle-wrist", external washing on structure in tube in stainless steel.
  • High pressure Bar 170 for the washing.
  • Temperature IN/OUT water 15/60°C

Dry element.

Exit element of accumulate.

Pneumatic mechanical hand for the discharge of the barrels