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System tank washing LC1MC



One of the peculiar characteristics of the washing of a surface is that one to transform to the maximum the kinetic force of the water in pressure in an impact force (or collision) Kg/cm2 in an only jet on the surface.

Advantages only nozzle:

  • high Force of impact;
  • Macro hole, avoids cloggings.

Management of an only nozzle for every face of the "cube-tank" to imitate the human wrist of the operator.

Our "nozzle-wrist" has N° 4 degrees of freedom (deposited model).

The external washing of the "cube-tank" is executed with N° 7 "nozzle-wrist".

The internal washing is executed with one head of washing self-rotating in stainless steel, without lubricant, with high pressure


Budgetary cycle:

Time cycle sec. 150

Water consumption for tank lt. 96

Productivity in h 1 No. 24


Composition of the line flexible and modular, composition and configuration for the pallet movement.


Entry element


Washing elemen

o Management of N° 7 "nozzle-wrist" on structure in pipe in stainless steel AISI 304.

o Temperature IN/OUT water 15/60°C

Exit element.