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Washing system for pallet LARIS MAG DEU e RS in horizontal



One of the peculiar characteristics of the washing of a surface is that one to transform to the maximum the kinetic force of the water in pressure in an impact force (or collision) Kg/cm2 in an only jet on the surface.

Advantages only nozzle:

  • high Force of impact;
  • Macro hole, avoids cloggings.

Management of No. 10 nozzles for all the surface of the "pallet" to imitate the human wrist of the operator.

Our "nozzle-wrist" has N° 4 degrees of freedom (deposited model).

Our "LARIS" machine is a system completely automatic where the operator intervenes only to deposit pile of pallets on the "DISPENSER" with aid of a muletto; analogous operation on the "STORAGE" in order to remove clean pile pallets.

Our constructed "LARIS" machine is made in stainless steal AISI 304.

Choice of product disinfect-detergent based on hydrogen peroxide and no ionic surfactants (regulations UE 82/242/EEC) average biodegradable at least  90%.

The washing system is of type to recovery, with a vat of Lt. 450 and self-cleaning filter "FILTER RECOVERY SYSTEM" R.S.

Budgetary cycle

Speed washing line V. 2,5 m/1' (variable dirty condition)

Productivity in h 1 No. 120


Composition of the line flexible and modular, composition and configuration for the movement and washing of the pallet.


Entry element "DISPENSER":

To have always pallets collects into a pile and withdraw automatically "one to you for time" with time saving, space, safety and ergonomics.


Washing element "WASHING PALLET SYSTEM":

With the selector in position "manual washing" the washing box is completely independent, the load-unload pallet is made manually from the operator.

Exit element "STORAGE".







To avoid wetting with water the wooden pallets We recommend the solution of CLEANING PALLET WITH  AIR BLADES.


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