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Automatic washing and sanitizing containers alveolate for the nursery LACAS 6414


at one run-way  - with semi-automatic loading and unloading of boxes and pallets.
in accordance with CE - in accordance with HACCP guidelines. 

One of the peculiar characteristics of the washing of a surface is that one to transform to the maximum the kinetic force of the water in pressure in an impact force (or collision) Kg/cm2 in an only jet on the surface Advantages only nozzle: 
• high Force of impact; 

• Macro hole, avoids cloggings. 

The name  nozzle-wrist, oscillating, and the management of our nozzle resulting from the imitation of the operator's wrist during hand washing. 

The tunnel is developed for the washing on a run-way of your inverted  boxes  with the bottom closed and Your plastic pallets with the load upward. 

The production speed is determined by the number of washing stages calculated by  Tecnologie Cominox. The characteristic of the plant is its mechanical simplicity because it is devoid of any sensor while having an automatic management of the washing cycle. 

There is only one detection sensor boxes / pallets to be washed. 

The internal-external washing of boxes / pallets is made with recycled water powered only by rinsing water.

Construction features: 

• Stainless steel structure with adjustable levelling feet. 

• Entry module in plan: 
Carousel, with manual loading of the boxes in horizontally. 

• Washing tunnel completely in stainless steel AISI 304. 

• Transport system boxes / pallets with stainless steel chain. 

• Large doors inspection at double-walled for good thermal and acoustic insulation, easily removable for 
inspection and maintenance. 

• Water recycling vat 700 Lt. with overflow. 

• Three drawers at removable filter for easy inspection with removable filter surface at triangle to reduce 

• Drying module with ambient air fans and air blades above and below your  boxes / pallets. 

• Exit module level in plan: 
Carousel, with motorized shutter chain made in plastic POM with its inverter. 

• Electrical panel with PLC operating software and digital display for programming, automatic predispositio of the machine depending on the size of the boxes and pallets.