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Squeegees washing machine POLIVER



The machine "POLIVER RT", made in stainless steel AISI 304, washes the flat printing squeegees, situated in vertical on carriages, which hook in automatically, composing a "train".

  • Machine with sequential work's cycle and fully automatically .
  • Water spraying nozzles group and air spraying group with vertical movement and self-adjustable stroke in function of the squeegee's length.
  • Carriages of support squeegees, each one with 6+6 positions. The carriages move on a storage-monorail with "step by step" transport to the washing box.

Main advantages are:

  • Only one handling of the squeegees: from printing machine to the carriages and insertion of the carriages on the storage-monorail.
  • Resolution of the washing's problems about squeegees type "Buser"
  • Limited consumption of water, in relation to the length of the squeegees
  • Fully automatically washing's cycle, until the exhaustion of the number of carriages, without auxiliary personnel.
  • Very short washing's time with partial drying without break-time.
  • Washing of more squeegees in the same time, in vertical position, with easy elimination of water's drop.