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Cleaning and drying machine for printing screens LARIS UM SL TT


The LARIS UM SL TT is composed by a section of washing, a sponge-unit, a section of rinsing and a section of drying.

Then the first phase of washing, the screen goes through the sponge-unit: the operation is made on the both sides of the screen and with the system of movable nozzles the detergent is distributed only in the area defined by the system of reading of the screen's height. At the end the screen is rinsed through the fixed lances and dried in the last unit.

The main advantages are: Maximum washing capacity  and perfect cleaning of the screen, minimum consumption and minimum maintenance requirements thanks to the particularity of the movable nozzles, elimination of the waste of time, because of the fully automation of the machine.

The machine is equipped of a PLC programmer controller with relative software of operation; the CPU has a peripheral door that allows to connect an other device of programming and of a serial door RS232-C for one consul of access-visualization to the job data and diagnostic-alarms.