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Emulsifiers at propeller STAR - SMALL capacity


The EMULSIFIERS for colour printing are made in stainless steel AISI 316. 


·      Emulsifying group composed by centrifugal propeller with superior stator, sliding deflection disk.

·      Piped shaft-propeller. This gives an advantage that all external surfaces are static, with the total expulsion of any kind of vortex around the driving shaft and the impeller, without capturing any air into the product.

·      The work principle of our emulsifiers is based on the continuous, ascendant and vertical mixing.This means that the product, starting from the impeller (propeller), goes through the stator with a cutting effect and reduction of the granulation , afterwards it rises towards the deflection disk, that provides to convoy it towards the lateral walls of the container; without capturing any air.

·      Guide column – emulsifying group support in stainless steel AISI 304; with counter balanced-retactable manually.·      Inverter to regulate the speed of the asynchronous three-phase motor.