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Mixer Isle for printing colours (MIXER 200 + MIXER 1000)


The machine is design to satisfy the requirement of mixing  the print paste. Our machine is made in steel AISI 316.

  • New propeller at high productivity, different than other known propeller; in its original and simplicity this propeller not reject the product, it is useful to remove the product form the bottom, because can touch the bottom without damage the container. A very good result is due to the orbital mixer,  the beakers turns.
  • Double probe that recognize automatically  the viscosity of the colour, our mixer position itself always with the maximum speed and then with high efficiency. Automatic phase of mixing and washing.
  • Rotation-shaft without protection, with strong lantern of support. 
  • Motorised column, with automatic system of the vertical sliding rise-discent, rotation 90° of the mixing group.
  • Rotating storage for the big container             
  • Protection box for the phase of automatic roration for the respect of the safety law
Main advantage are:
  • Principal advantage of the mixer is its completely automatism and its facility of use and  maintenance
  • Automatic cycle of work to allow reduce the stop time with the advantage of the productivity of the machine.
  • Eliminate of the labour during the phase of mixing and the phase of washing.
  • Mixing of any density, any viscosity, any paste thank our automatically recognize.
  • Easy and quick cleaning,
  • Speed of installation and start.