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Mixer tipo MIXL 3-15 Lt. for printing colours


Main characteristics:

Modulation with a technology movement "soft" simple.

Orbital mixing: the beakers turn eccentrically respect the propeller.

New propeller at high productivity, different than other known propeller, in its originally and   simplicity this propeller not reject the product, it is useful to remove the product from the bottom, because can touch bottom without damage the container.


The technology of movement "soft" is based on lines of little rollers in material  POM (acetylic resin), these are assemble on shaft in stainless steel AISI 316, rotation friction coefficient very low. This technology allow to the conical beakers  to be accumulate without overturn. Besides the roller composed by many separate little roller  able to have only one big accumulation storage.  This gives the opportunity to manage every beakers in independent way.

With a only motorizing you  can create sophisticate automation system, for example increase or decrease the space between the beakers to connect to function module  type mixing, translators.


Mixing at double head with phases of  mixing-washing at the same time. Probe that recognize automatically the viscosity of the colour, our mixer position itself always with the maxium speed and then with high efficiency.  The phase of cycle are completely automatically seizing-beakers rotation - mixing - washing  - dripping  - beakers exit .

Motorised column, with automatic system of the vertical sliding rise-descent through a linear actuator, rotation 180° of the mixing group trough a pneumatic actuator.

Structure made in stainless steel plus plate made in anodized aluminium

Working panel "VT 50" able to the operator to plane and visualize all the speed parameters-step time  of movement .

Protection box with sliding door, removal panels for easy maintenance .

Box with electrical drive panel,  push-bottoms with relative wiring

Features of  the line:

  • Execution made in stainless steel  AISI 304.
  • Mixing capacity: from 3 to 15 lt
  • Production: 30 vase /h
  • Dimensions of the machine:  lenght mm.     3730, width mm.     1115, height mm      2350