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Wheel washing machine LVR 28







Machine for the washing of the wheels:           
diameter max                750 mm / 28”
diameter min                 364 mm / 13”            
width max-min              355 mm – 115 mm
The philosophy of our wheel washing machine is based on the utilize of the "nozzle-wrist" (PATENT REQUIRED). One of the peculiar characteristics of the washing of a surface is that one to transform to the maximum the kinetic force of the water in pressure in an impact force (or collision) in an only jet on the surface. 
Advantages only nozzle:
- High Force of impact;  
- Macro hole, avoids cloggings
Management of an only nozzle for every face of the "rim-tyre" to imitate the human wrist of the operator. Our "nozzle-wrist" has N° 4 degrees of freedom.  
Washing of the only rim with a third nozzle to wash the well widht of the rim.  
System of washing at closed circuit, recycling of the only water at high pressure in order to guarantee an effective cleaning, in particular way of the internal ed external parts of the rim-race. 
The machine is made in stainless steel AISI 304.
Pre-drying with two nozzles with use of the “Coanda” effect.
Technical date:
•Rotation time for wheel 28”                         88                    sec
•Water consumption: at closed circuit            1                      Lt.
•Installed power                                          11,6                  Kw

widht                            1600                mm                                                                        
lenght                           2000                mm
height                           1830                mm