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Machine is for the contemporary washing of one printing rotary screen and one squeegee LARACIL

  • Horizontal washing box in stainless steel AISI 304, with closing door and manual opening for the internal squeegee washing.
  • Deposit, manual link of the squeegee for internal washing "water-air".
  • Water spraying nozzles movable on the total length of the squeegee for the outside washing.
  • Pre-drying external-internal part of the squeegee.
  • Inclined lapped washing box in stainless steel AISI 304, opened and with possibility for the inspection for the screen washing.
  • No. 2 special rotating brushes for the support and the rotation of the screen with different speed.
  • Device for the alternate displacement of the screens to obtain a quick and effective washing with the brushes.
  • Washing launches with spraying blade nozzles inside and outside of the screen.
  • Electrical pneumatical panel of driving in inox box, completely wired on the machine.