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Rotary screens scouring machine CLEANMESH



Our machine "CLEANMESH" is been born in order to resolve problems of stop of your rotary printing machine because there is a screen that leave little point or line where the "vein" colour finds some reduction, alterations, cloggings in the microhole of passage or if you have a screen with much repeat of colour to eliminate. Our machine works with times and consumptions very low.

The technological operation of purge, from impurity or from slags the screen, is obtained with a hydro-turning, taking advantage of the kinetic force of impact of the only water at high pressure.

Machine with the following functions: adjustable pressure, variable speed, adjustable distance nozzle at varying of ratio, find in it the resolution of the problems.

Moreover the elimination of the repeat of colour is obtained with the distribution-reaction of a detergent mixed in water, with successive phase of rinsing.

The machine is equipped of a PLC programmer controller with relative software of operation; the CPU has a peripheral door that allows to connect an other device of programming and of a serial door RS232-C for one consul of access-visualization to the job data and diagnostic-alarms.