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Squeege washing machine with robot RONOVER


Machine completely in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for vertical washing of a squeegees of one colour.

The machine is structured to receive the loading- unloading of the squeegee in  vertical throught your arm "robot".
• Box cabin  No.. positions completely independent.
• On the face "front" of the cabin door No... slots where the arm "robot" insert the squeegee and deposit it on a appropriate support. Prerogative slots at watertight.
• Vertical linear guide system with bearings and stainless steel profiles.
• Stainless steel chain for movement, carrying:
            a circuit "WASHING" with movable macro nozzles.
            a circuit "RINSING"
            a circuit "DRYING"
• In the back of the cabin there are no 4 doors.
• Water recycling vat with level probe.