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Squeegees washing machine MONOVER PLUS 1R


The machine MONOVER PLUS 1R HU 1750 is designed for WASHING-RINSING-DRYING in sequence of squeegees.

The machine deposit them in vertical on a only front work of loading-unloading in manual.

Machine with H2O recovery.


  • No. 1 box cabin at No. 1 + 1. The box has the following functions: WASHING-RINSING-DRYING.
  • The box cabin has a rotating door with a special inflatable silicone seal to a perfect seal water.
  • A sensor detects the presence of the squeegee and it determines the height of the squeegee to maximize time and H2O consumption.
  • The box cabin is deposited through support-leveling feet in a tank-recycling H2O.