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• Group agitator-mixer "ELICEN", with
directly coupled through a rigid fitter
between the agitator shaft and the
electric motor. Shaft "naked" in stainless
steel AISI 316 protected by a cage in
perforated sheet steel to the safety rules.
• Impeller in stainless steel AISI 304 at
intented disk (cowless) 250 fitted on the
• Conductometric probe in stainless steel
AISI 316 to detect the immersion of the
impeller in a bath conductive to determine
the rotation of the same (always for the
safety rules).
• Asynchronous three-phase motor with
Inverter to regulate the speed, single/only
direction of rotation propeller.
• Guide column – agitator group support
in stainless steel AISI 304; vertical linear
guide system with stainless steel bearings
and profiles with balanced counterweight
with retractable.
• Construction made in stainless steel AISI
304/AISI 316.
• Revolving (180°) pneumatic lifting of the
agitator group.
• Half-automatic setting selector of the
movement “up and down”, agitator.